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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PTSD {skull and cross bones}

i have self diagnosed PTSD from this cold and flu season.
it's making me a little punchy.
or jumpy.
brennan lost his voice today.
and after listening to him cough/sniffle "kind of" for the last few weeks on and off, 
i decided, really, what's one more visit at this point.
so i told him he could bring his batman valentine cards with us, and that we'd get a treat after.
they ran the good ol' pulse ox that we remember OH so dearly from 4 years ago.
but the lost voice and barky cough had them thinking croup.
just think asthma attack,
minus the asthma.
in the middle of the night.
that's my best description for you.
the throat swells up when they're coughing {usually kids outgrow it around age 6-7}.
and it's just REAL{ly} scary.
remedy: cold air, humidity, and steroids.
so being a little punchy/jumpy i decided to just go for the steroid b/c it can only help, even if it's not croup.
they crush it up, and mix it with cherry syrup.
brennan burst into tears when he tasted the it, but swallowed it nevertheless.
the doc told me it really is the most awful tasting thing on the face of the planet.
and then he said that this is the busiest their office has been in ten years.
b/c there has never been a cold and flu season year as bad as this since then.
illnesses coming out of the woodwork and overlapping on top of each other like nothing they've seen before.
we could be their poster child.
or poster family.
just put the skull and crossbones on our front door.

all in favor of JUNE 1st tomorrow say "EYE".
{i know that's not how it's spelled. do you get it?}


Sue said...

I had the sickest kids ever because they were all pretty severe asthmatics. When they would get the flu or even a cold, it was awful.

I feel ya, sistah!


Sue said...

Okay, tell me, I need to know. Why do you sill have captcha on here?


Amy said...

I love that he is wearing a skull and crossbones jacket.
I am so sad that you have had it so bad this year. Poster child/family, in deed. I am sure that cough is terrifying!