"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 8, 2013

"tree" {max's bday}

max woke up asking for whipped cream in her mouth and presents.
after breakfast brennan told max "you're birthday's over now, my birthday is next!"
and then spent the entire rest of the day asking when his birthday was going to be,
and if i ordered him a cake too.
she did this excited gasp when she opened each present,
and stacked an entire sheet of stickers on top of each other to wear all at the same time.
she wanted her hair in a "punzel" {rapunzel} braid after her bubble bath.
and picked to wear her mermaid shirt, new tutu, black pants, and sparkle shoes for the day.
after lunch she ordered a pink milkshake at the ice cream counter,
brennan picked peanut butter {he is my kin}.
she walked around the house saying "it's my birf-day" to herself all day with a little smile on her face.
and was too shy to blow out her own candles on her "punzel" {rapunzel} cake.
we put them to bed after all of the grandparents went home,
and she woke up crying around 11:30pm for the second night in a row,
saying brennan hit her in her crib.
even though he was snoring in his bed.
pesky nightmares.
so i brought her downstairs and rocked her back to sleep.
i sat there staring at her,
amazed at how much she has grown.
my tiny baby max.

dear max,
you love pink.
little mermaid and Rapunzel are your favorite princesses.
you also love "bave" {brave}.
you love to play in your room in your doll house and kitchen.
especially with the door closed.
you get mad when chase is napping and you can't go in.
you wink with your right eye and then raise both of your eyebrows up and down at just the right moment.
it is HILARIOUS!!!
your favorite food is scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast.
you ask for eggs at 3pm a lot.
you will eat 3 bites of a dessert, get full, and say you're all done.
we are all amazed at you "off button."
at dinner you usually eat your vegetable and then we have to bribe you to eat your entree.
we always joke that we could make one plate of food for you and brennan to share b/c you will eat the vegetable and he will eat the entree.
you want everyone to "pay" {play} with you all day long.
especially on the potty.
you always want to pick out a handful of princesses and super heroes to bring to the potty,
and then you say "you be dis, i be dis" and hand them out.
you love to be outside.
you are REALLY REALLY good at hide and seek.
especially the hiding part.
you don't move a muscle,
even when we close the door and turn off the lights.
you hide behind the laundry room door or under the coats in the bathroom every time you go to the potty.
you love your binky.
you love "bow-way" {ballet} and tap.
you ask everyday if it is "bow-way" day.
you wear your ballet shoes all day every day, and sleep in them too.
you like to do things by yourself.
you want your hair braided, but you hate getting your hair brushed.
i ask you if you want to cut your hair everyday b/c you hate it so much,
you get mad and say "NO!!!!"
you love to brush other people's hair.
you love all things grown up and girly.
you love to dance and can sing the chorus to phillip phillip songs.
you ask me to sing the "ariel" song almost every night at bedtime {"look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"}.
you want a bath every day.
chase thinks you are the cat's meow.
you whimper when you walk up to a potty without a child seat on it.
every time.
you ripped every page of the lion king book last week in your crib.
i taped every page back together.
dad was so impressed.
you love to color at the table.
i can take you anywhere and know you will sit and be quiet the entire time.
even while i'm getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
it is amazing to me.
brennan is your best friend.
you fight with him a lot too.
you get offended REALLY easily.
you huff and puff and fold your arms when you're mad.
you charge people and get in their face to intimidate them.
brennan forgets he is twice your size when you do it.
it's funny FUNNY to watch.
we always scold you and then laugh about it later.
you are animated with your personality.
you love barney.
you follow brennan around and play super heroes and princesses with him all day.
when you use a stool you always push it into our feet.
i just get out of the way now b/c i've lost so many toes.
you love to be with me.
i love it. 
you love to read books in your bed by yourself before you go to sleep.
and always want toys to sleep with you.
lately, you've been throwing every stuffed animal and blanket out of your crib in the middle of the night.
you love it when dad comes in and hold your hand through your crib bars in the middle of the night when you are sick.
you still sleep in a crib,
and have never climbed out.
we love it.
you get nightmares when you don't sleep in the same room as brennan,
and for the past two nights have had nightmares that brennan is hitting you.
he is not.
you know what you want.
it is hard to convince you otherwise.
you are shy.
people always tell me you look like a porcelin doll,
and will stop me in the store to tell me.
almost every time we go out.
sometimes it scares me how beautiful you are.
you love to sleep and ask to take a nap on most days.
sometimes i let you.
i love you, love you, love you!


Lisalulu said...

14 years from now you will be so happy you wrote this down!(so you can write these same things in her YW book!!) Such fun times for your happy little family!

Sue said...

She sure is a cute little birthday girl!


Amy said...

I love the letter you wrote to her. I love how your camera is always on hand (and the incredible pictures it takes). She is adorable and I can't believe she is already three!