"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 23, 2013

dribble, dribble, shoot, shoot, take that ball to the HOOP HOOP!

{will you check out that eye on the hoop technique there?! so proud.}
yep, the basketball hoop is still there.
even though i said it wouldn't be.
it's there.
and i like it.
brennan made 10 "dunks" today.
ross made 6.
for half an hour they shot
and shot
and shot
and shot.
two sweaty messes afterward.
and that is why it's still there.
sean, his dad, and brother landon are on day 2 of attending 
the NCAA march madness basketball tournament games in salt lake city today.
energy solutions is their mecca this weekend.
{minus all jazz icons and advertising i've been told.}
i don't know how they can sit through two full days of basketball,
one of which was 12 hours straight.
but they can and they did.
and they love it.
hot dogs, soda, and chatting about life and basketball.
less about life.
more about basketball.
probably nothing about life.
and just all about basketball.
{landon and his big gibson tongue.}
{sandie, i'm sorry.}
i picked harvard AND cal to advance on thursday,
and they did.
i'm telling ya,
pick by your favorite colors and the name you like best
and you
it's never done me wrong.
really though,
works like a charm for me EVERY almost every time.
obviously i have since fallen in my glory,
but for that one moment i was the leader of the pack...
sing it with me,
"one shining mooooooooomeeeeennnnt!!!"


Sue said...

March Madness is a big deal around here. A VERY big deal.


Amy said...

I love that your hoop is actually used and not just there... not that I know from experience or anything...