"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, March 18, 2013

taste the rainbow {st patty's}

"the leprechaun ate my boogers."
{to his sunday school teacher}
so rude that he didn't even lift up the seat.
he left us green glitter and skittles. 
green footprints and green pee.
and green milk.
things i learned on st. patty's day:
1. sugar highs are real things.
2. even when i have an extra week, i still procrastinate until 9:45pm on saturday night to buy my corned beef and then all the stores will be out of it. thank you linsey for making me rainbow jello. it was our only festivity of st. patty's at the dinner table. chase will eat anything smothered in rainbow jello.
3. if you put kool aid into sprite, the entire thing explodes rapidly over the sides {faster than you can make it to the sink} and it loses all of its carbonation in the process.
and last but not least...
4. if you try to say "enjoying" and "gorging" at the same time, you'll end up saying "engorging." as in chase is "engorging himself in jello." and then you will think that doesn't sound right...
and chase is the cutest little leprechaun.
i couldn't get enough of him in his little leprechaun man suit.
size 3 months from ireland.
brought back by grandma and grandpa ryan for brennan 5 years ago.
it was a tight squeeze, but it really took it to the next level in my opinion.
 sing it with me,
"fat man in a little suuuuuuuit..."



Emmy said...

You made the day so fun for your kids! And too bad you didn't get the sprite/kool-aid thing on video :)

Very impressed with how good your pancake looks!

Sue said...

Boy, Emily, you went all out. You are such a fun mom!


Amy said...

I love the leprechaun trap. I missed the day with my kids as I was out of town, but I heard they had a blast. Though I think you take the cake when it comes to celebrations! What a fun day for your kids! I especially love Chase's outfit.