"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 23, 2013


she was so mad that i wouldn't let her go outside like this.
woman, put your dang pants on!
that's what i was thinking as i tried to reason with her yesterday morning.
even i have standards for clothing at this level.
i didn't make either of my kids put on socks,
but pants,
those are not optional in the snow.
not even in march.
i love my utah kids:)
and their thick blood that keeps them warm in the winter.
she put on her pants.
in case you were wondering.
and then played in the snow with ross and brennan wearing her boots without socks on.
the boys kept dunking their faces into the snowy table to give themselves "snowstaches."
snowy mustaches.
chase and i watched all of it from our back porch window.
and then he ate the snow off of the ground that they brought in on the bottoms of their boots.
it was great.


Sue said...

It's good that you love the snow so much since you guys seem to be getting a lot of it lately!


becca said...

lol..my son would have totally have gone out dressed like that before i could have caught him. Love it she is totally rocking the look

Amy said...

Snowstache?! Adorable!!!