"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 22, 2013

the morning's comings and goings {line up}

they love to line up their guys on the front window lip.
every morning i open up the shutters {and all of the blinds for that matter} when i come down.
we are just not "going" until all of the shutters are open.
sometime after breakfast, sometimes before, 
all of the guys get placed in their front row spot to the morning's comings and goings of our neighborhood.
it reminds me of how my grandfather used to line up 
tiny little rubber animals 
on the window lip of his dental office when we were kids.
go to get your teeth cleaned.
come home with an assortment of differently colored rubber animals.
once he pulled out my snaggle tooth.
i puked immediately after he used his pliers to pull it out.
i got extra rubber animals.
little treasures i collected over the years.
no idea when they were thinned out of my toys.
what i would give to take my kids to his old office 
to get their teeth cleaned 
and pick out a little rubber animal.
{grandfather and me on the beach.}
{don't you dare call him grandpa. he'll come back from the dead to haunt you for it.}
wasn't he just so cute:)


Katie said...

Love it. I witnessed the tooth event....very dramatic. I recall it as you being terrified and saying that you WOULD throw up. Then, once it came out you really did and Grandfather was stunned. You totally earned the extra animals! : )

Sue said...

My kids used to do the same, but with dinosaurs and hot wheels.


Ital Meditations said...

aww miss him!

Amy said...

That first photo looks professional. How sweet that the animals are included in the days commings and going.