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Monday, May 6, 2013

may the FOURTH be with you {a photo gallery}

2 leia's, 1 R2D2, and a luke
sean DARTH VADER gibson
{i think we can talk him into it by halloween}
at 3pm on saturday afternoon my kids told me 
they had decided they wanted to dress up for troy's star wars party afterall.
so chase and i ran off to hobby lobby for felt and oversized t-shirts.
$11 and one hour later we were back.
linsey came over with three sets of freshly washed socks,
hair ties and bobby pins,
and we watched a youtube video on "how to" princess leia buns.
you should have seen us standing in my kitchen,
armed with gel and hairspray and a youtube video blaring on my iphone.
it was a hoot.
i cut up an old white turtleneck of mine for max,
and linsey wrapped her with a gold ribbon.
two little low buns later and max was the cutest little leia you have ever seen.
i copied an R2D2 baby costume andrea found on pinterest with felt and a white onsie 
{complete with a headband b/c i knew he would never keep on a cap}.
then i took a pair of scissors to two x-large black and brown t-shirts 
to make brennan's requested luke costume.
he was beaming.
start to finish, including driving and shopping time, and hair?
2 hours, 45 min.
an old t-shirt and white shirt for me, with a belt and sandals from 10 years ago and i was set.
my buns and gold eye shadow were my favorite part.
i wanted to sleep in my leia buns i loved them so much.
max did.
and we had to bribe our kid's costumes off of them with promises of extra songs and bedtime stories.
they were filthy.
and i have pretty low standards for cleanliness.
sleeping in them was just not an option. 
may the FOURTH be with you.
{and no, we're not making any announcements. just that it was MAY 4TH.}

these kids were legit chalk artists.
audrey drew me.
so proud:)
notice my blue eyes.
love her.

brennan had his eye on the red light saber.
but his red was a good red.
that's what he said.
sibling rivalry at its finest.
with uncle dave's light saber.
rumor has it that THIS light saber was in THE star wars movie.
you can never really believe dave though.
decide for yourself;)


becca said...

this is so awesome i love it i'll take a cupcake please

jen said...

I knew I should have done something for May 4th. I'm so lame.

Listen, I'm doing that series this week on gifted education, and I was wondering what your opinion was, as a former teacher, how to best serve this group in the classroom. Pull-out? Separate classes?

So if you get a sec, drop me an email.

Amy said...

Love love love your costumes. I can't believe you made them. Brennan's is my favorite. And the gold eyeshadow. I was going to do a May the Fourth day, but my plans were changed at the last second. Yours takes the cake, though, seriously!