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Friday, May 10, 2013

walks like a man {almost}

you love to stand at the front window, 
ESPECIALLY if it's open with just a screen.
you wave at each car that passes by,
and baby man squawk at people you see.
you will stand there for half an hour 
and not move from that windowsill 
when the window is open.

dear chase,
you took your first two steps tonight.
we were at the yogurt shop with grandma and grandpa gibson.
you ate most of max's raspberry frozen yogurt with sprinkles on top.
and then grandma gibson was holding your hands, while you were standing up, across from me.
then she let go of your hands and you took two steps to me with no help.
it was so great.
we were all clapping for you.
so exciting:)
i can't believe that you are going to be walking soon.
you are going to love it.
right now you crawl around outside on your hands and feet with your butt in the air like a walking downward dog yoga pose b/c you don't like the cement to scrape your knees up anymore.
it's hilarious.
when you find an ant,
you stop dead in your tracks,
try to touch it with your index finger,
and then almost fall onto your head following it as it crawls underneath you toward your feet.
you usually fall onto your bum,
and then you try to touch it with your index finger again.
when the ant crawls into the cracks of the cement you try to follow it,
but you just get confused and then move onto something else.
it is so so cute.
you can climb up any slide.
and all chairs.
{thankfully you don't try to climb out of your crib...yet}
you just learned how to climb up onto the flat part of the double slide.
and then you tried to climb through the tube.
your arms and legs are so strong.
dad and i can't BELIEVE it.
i adore your little defined arm muscles, and chubby, solid body.
my favorite thing is to watch you crawl around in just a diaper.
i just can't wait for you to learn to walk,
even though it will make some things harder for me,
b/c i will have to watch you more closely on the stairs again.
you are just going to LOVE it!
i am so excited for you.


{above and below: trying to squish an ant--->notice scrapped and red knees/legs/toes/tops of feet.}

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