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Friday, May 10, 2013

letters to Emily {bike stoplights, ireland week from..., & i cut my own hair to cope}

Dearest Beautiful Emily 100-30-17,

I love that Brennan puts emphasis on how he feels with numbers!  I love love love it!.  The poop in the backyard story is priceless, I especially loved that she had to pick it up herself.  Wonderful.  I am getting my first dose of parenting and disciplining, it is so much fun (shaking my head no).   When we go outside it is great.  Bear usually has dirt smeared around his face and his hands, has a long stick in his hand waving it around, and is running and tripping on things.  While Smith is smiling sitting on a bench.  That is the best.  My husband and I are reading Count of Monte Cristo right now.  IT is written so beautifully.  I am loving it.  We have been riding our bikes like crazy.  We got a new bike trailer that fits Smith and Bear so well.  This town is set up for biking.  They even have bike stoplights believe it or not!  When our friends came out to visit they couldn't get enough of the bike stoplights, they took pictures of them!  I feel so inspired by the beauty here, I find myself painting and creating more and more!  
Ireland Weekend.
You want to know how that went?
Hardest weekend of my life.
Smith had some pain issues that weekend Bryce was gone and didn't stop screaming for 48 hours.  
Bear was still nursing around the clock.
We were all exhausted   Bear woke up to Smith screaming, I couldn't sleep to Smith screaming, and Smith was awake screaming.  
And Bryce was not here.
To even prove how crazy I went.....
I cut my own hair.
Not like trim.
Not like a little.
A lot.
I went to YouTube and I put in how to cut and layer your own hair.
I followed her instructions.
Then I highlighted my hair with a kit I bought at the store.
I felt like a new woman.
Even though there were ugly chunks chopped from my hair, I felt new.  And better.
Yep.  I bet you are laughing right now!  Because I laughed once I blow dried my hair! 
And guess what?
I totally don't care!  I think it's funny!  I love pointed out my random chunks cut from my "layered" hair.
So that is how my weekend went with Bryce gone to Ireland.
We should be visiting Utah soon.  I will let you know when we know.
Have a good Mother's day!

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