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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

any excuse to make a parfait

ladies and gentlemen, i give you....
holly's peanut butter parfait.
peanut butter and chocolate 
meet pudding cup crunch parfait...

peanut butter 

2 tbls milk
2 tbls peanut butter
2 cups cool whip {separated into 1 cup each}
3 cups milk
1 large {5.1oz} chocolate instant pudding mix
salt peanuts, chopped
5 clear plastic cups {or whatever you fancy}

1. whisk 3 cups milk with instant pudding mix for about 2 min. and set aside in fridge.
2. in a small bowl combine peanut butter, 2 tbls milk, and ONE cup cool whip. stir with a spoon well so it slightly changes color and mixes all together.
3. layer pudding, peanut butter, and pudding again in the clear plastic cups {i like to smooth each layer down evenly with a spoon or spatula}.
4. top with cool whip and chopped nuts, refrigerate until serving.

1 comment:

Sue said...

This combo of tastes is right up my alley!