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Sunday, June 16, 2013

ode to the PAPA's

i love how you come home from work and drop everything to play with the kids.
i love how you play ball battle in the big room so i can make dinner in the kitchen without any helpers.
i love how you take the kids on daddy day trips.
i love how you teach brennan to work hard.
i love how you treat max like a princess.
i love how you hold chase while you grill so he doesn't cry while we get dinner ready.
i love how you wake up with the kids every morning so i can sleep a little bit longer.
i love how you treat me like a queen.
you are my numero uno baby daddy.
i love your most adorable smile and contagious laugh.
but most of all, i love your sweet kisses and your deepest of all deep big brown eyes.
especially when they're looking into mine.
i love you.
{9.6lb chase in my belly, delievered 6 hours later}
{my dad is funnier than yours. ok, it's not a competition, but really, he is.}

i love your rosy cheeks.
and silver hair.
and that you water ski on one ski.
and do more tricks on the wake board than i can.
even though you're not supposed to.
{sandie, i swear he doesn't do anything really naughty.}
i love it when you come stay at our house for ski trips.
the bed in our guest room is called "grandpa's bed." it's been dedicated. for realz.
you make the tastiest bacon brussel sprouts on the face of the planet.
and going out to eat a steak dinner is a let down after having your grilling delicacies on the weber.
you are the cutest grandpa.
i'm so lucky that you are my dad.
i love you.
great men are hard to come by,
and i feel honored to have come by these guys.
{man breakfast father's day menu: bacon, salsa eggs, homemade hash browns, strawberries,
apple juice, and freshly picked roses the my bushes out my back kitchen door.}
is this what your father's day morning looked like?
yeah, us too:)
to you and your dads:)

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Sue said...

Lookin' good!