"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

first sprouts

my tomato plants sprouted their first fruits this morning. 
my neighbor's deck builders for sure heard me scream.
for sure.
and chase sprouted his naked parts.
by taking his diaper off to get some fresh air for himself.
sean found him stark naked from the waist down this morning in his crib.
max came running out exclaiming, "chase is NAKEEEEEED!!!!"
guess i'd better start putting him on pants.
or not...
less laundry.
unless he pees all over place in his crib.
then it would definitely NOT be less laundry.
might be worth it.
except for the part where i would have to change the fitted crib sheet.
then it would definitely NOT be worth it.
just saying,
changing a fitted crib sheet is only second on my lists of worsts,
just behind cleaning up puke.
nothing beats cleaning up puke.
definitely nothing.
i'm so glad nobody is puking.
just running around with naked bums and bananas until 10:17am.

in other news today...
just say no to the chicken pox. 
long live vaccinations!
75th for weight AND height.
mostly in the cheeks.
THE north and THE south.
grow baby grow.
{i love it when the corn holds perfect droplets of water in the middles.}
{but their shadows are my absolute favorite.}

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Sue said...

Such a brave little shot taker.