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Saturday, June 8, 2013

dancing in flip flops {dance mom of the year}

she almost missed going on 
AND she went on in her flip flops:)
i miscounted the number of dances that had already gone on,
and was about to walk her backstage 
when another mom came down the aisle in a whispering panic that makenzie was on next.
so what did i do you ask?
in a furry of hustle my post baby having days didn't know they could muster,
i dragged max by the arm over 4 adults and 2 small children and then...
wait for it...
wait for it...
i put her on stage from the front. 
yeah, i did.
desperate times call for desperate measures folks,
and it was the closest way from point A to point B.
i'm pretty sure this is all wrong in the world of dancing.
b/c it was for sure wrong in the world of theater back in my high school days of musicals.
the director had already told everyone during the intermission 
NOT to use the door down by the front of the stage,
and in my mind of amateur dance mom i was all, 
"julie said not to use the door, 
we'll use the stairs!"
{she didn't need to point out not to use the stairs b/c it was
CLEARLY OBVIOUS you were NOT to use the front stage stairs.}
i can't believe i used the front stage stairs.
for sure the veteran dance moms were chuckling.
ghetto gibson's.
we bring the show.
dance mom of the year over here.
she went on,
danced her little lion king roar song,
and then we all cooed over her flawless performance.
it was so much fun:)
max was entranced by the dancers on "tippy toe shoes."
we thought we had two more dances after this one to get backstage.
we were wrong.
intermission entertainment:
post show:

       GiGi and the big gibs                                              grandma carol and max

i love this family.
{i can't believe i used the front stage stairs.}
{i'm so embarrassed.}

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