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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

do your jobs {sacrificial canning jars}

yesterday i sacrificed two of my canning jars for the greater good of child labor.
{i quickly found out that we actually needed 4 
b/c who in their right mind wants to sift through a jar of sticks for the color end being up or down. 
b/c really, the 3 yr old just wasn't getting that party anyway. WORTH EVERY JAR.}
summer is here, and we are now ready.
do your jobs, and friends can come play.
do your jobs, and you can go play with friends.
do your jobs, and we can go get shave ice.
do your jobs, and mom will put out the baby pools.
do your jobs, and you will feel good about your work.
do your jobs, and the toilets will sparkle at least once a week.
do your jobs, and the world will be at peace.
"JOOOOOOBBBBSSSS and heaaaaaaavvvvennnlllyyyy peace!"
do your jobs, and i'll let you play with dry ice for half an hour past bedtime in the kitchen sink.
{b/c it's summer and there's really no bedtime anyway.}
seriously, this is the most genius idea i have ever stolen from brooke.
i'm not stressed out about keeping the house in order,
the toys all over are not a big beast staring at me at the end of the day,
and brennan's not getting into trouble.
and do you know why?
b/c the people are busy.
and the people are learning to work.
they're doing jobs.
and it's a happy thing.
i swear to you, they LOVE it.
sometimes they don't love to get going, but man they love being done.
that feeling of accomplishment i have apparently been robbing them of until now.
their little faces beam with pride.
plus, i let them decorate their jars with 3 sleeves of stickers each.
which made me wonder why i am such a sticker hoarder anyway.
why am i saving stickers in the pantry?
to go with my year's supply of food storage.
{let's be honest, it's more like 3 months of beans, corn, cream of chicken/mushroom soups, and powdered rice milk i won't drink even if there's nothing left to drink on the planet.}
b/c heaven knows, if we're hunkered down in the basement with our powdered milk and canned beans we will surely need a year's supply of stickers.
my favorite part is when they make their beds, 
get dressed, and put their dirty clothes in the hamper.
this is new to us folks.
and it's good for business.

having clean potties is pretty great too:)
dry ice=magic.

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Sue said...

Same way my mom worked. We always had to do our jobs, and then....the sky was the limit for what we could do!