"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 8, 2013


{max draws on her face a lot. arms and fingers too.}
our saturdays usually 
look like this.
missing: brennan {in the tv room for sure} 
sean {at work during the morning}
and me in pajamas on the fainting couch.
i usually call my grandma joy.
and we chat about life and sometimes some good gossip.
for an hour or so she tells me about when she and grandpa were young bucks,
i particularly love to hear her talk about when grandpa was away in the war,
and their struggles as a young married couple with their two little girls. the things she was afraid of as a young mother, and the lessons life has taught her along the way.
i also REALLY adore her story about how when they didn't have any money, 
she would buy herself a lipstick to cheer herself up and make her feel like new. 
she always makes me feel like a million bucks when i call.
i tell her about the kids, what we did during the week, 
about everyone's level of health,
the weather,
and my deep thoughts about life, living, and the pursuit of happiness.
we talk about politics, religion, the whole gamete.
nothing is off limits.
grandpa sometimes gets on the phone.
i love to ask him about his life as a young boy.
no electricity and no running water.
and no toilet inside their house.
{and then i think about his angel mother who had to potty train two children without a toilet inside her house. and then i think potty training isn't really that hard for us women these days at all.}
he tells me about life on the farm,
his one room school house, and the wonderful teacher that educated up to high school,
and how his family migrated west to oakland, california by train.
{his dad planned to stop in salt lake city to settle, but a fellow traveler convinced him that was a waste of his time and talents, and that he should get on his merry way to oakland. 
and so he did, and the rest was history.}
it's my favorite weekly routine.
{i hope no one ever wants to do soccer in our family. please don't let anyone want to do soccer.}
finger's crossed.

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