"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

pride in ownership

let me first say,
chase is a sorter.
he takes things out of bins and puts them into piles.
then he puts every last thing back into the bin where it originated from
a 1 yr old that cleans up after himself.
a true GEM!
that being said...
is he hurt do you ask?
why is he crying?
these are questions i myself also asked upon hearing his little baby man cries as i happily cleaned my kitchen appliances tuesday morning.
i found him crying on the floor in front of the window where he likes to call home.
with a massive
in our front screen window.
a hole that was not present just fifteen minutes prior.
and then it hit me.
he wasn't hurt.
he was sorting.
and i knew just WHERE he was sorting:)
i give you... 
he couldn't sort them back into their specified bin.
b/c all of his sorting landed straight down into a party behind the rose bushes.
and the baby man just couldn't figure out why he couldn't get them back.
after he dropped them through his baby-man-made window screen hole.
anyone know how to fix window screens?
they tried to teach me at home depot a month ago.
it sounded involved.
so now we are the house on the street with the ghetto looking ripped screens flapping in the wind.
the one upstairs is way worse.
the 5 year old got to that one.
pride in ownership folks,


Michele said...

I don't know if you have an Ace Hardware out there, but our little Ace/Home Improvement Center just replaced the screen in our giant slider for $40. You have to bring it to them.

Em said...

Michele-THANK YOU!!!! Very helpful:)

Michele said...

It was SOOO much cheaper than I thought it would be. Made me wonder why we waited 4 years!

Em said...

Can't wait to call them now:)

Chris O said...

I know how to fix screens. Let me know if you decide to do it yoyrself and I can help you or do it for you.

Sue said...


A very funny dilemma.