"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 28, 2013

if you ever get stung by a jelly fish...

chase peed all over my foot while i was taking off his shirt to put him into the bath with max.
like i was sitting there, 
and my foot felt like it was in a small luke warm pond.
but all wrong.
b/c i was in the bathroom with my feet on the cold tile floor.
and there was definitely not supposed to be a luke warm pond at my feet.
so when it finally registered in my brain what had actually happened,
i went into my bathroom to get a towel to wipe it up,
and i left chase and max in an empty tub full of bath toys.
boats that weren't floating,
super heroes and princesses that were half jammed into the empty plug-less drain,
foam letters and numbers sprawled all about,
and dried up loofah sponges dangling from the tub's spout. 
stuff like that.
only to return, 
towel in hand, 
to max squat peeing all over chase's back.
and chase putting his finger through the center of her jet stream.
spraying a waterfall down his chubby little arm.
smiles all around.
like there couldn't have been a happier baby on the face of the planet 
than chase in that very moment right then.
and the entire episode had me in an instant rolling fit of laughter,
covering my mouth with one hand,
the other one outstretched waving no,
trying to choke out some kind of a cue to get max to stop 
the events unfolding before my very eyes!
which i had halfway squished closed as if closing them would get her stop sooner.
my eyes.
and then right then i started imagining how i was going to tell chase 
about how max peed all over him in the bath that one time,
but not until he's like 16 with his girlfriend over for dinner for the first time, 
or something really horrific like that.
and all the while i was relaying the play by play to sean as it happened down the hall, 
as he was doing the day's dishes downstairs.
and i could hear him trying to choke out words through his laughing,
and he was all,
"what in the heck is going on up there?!"
and i was all,
"baaaaahahahahahaha bshhh, gack gack gack gack!!!"
because it didn't even require a response from me.
b/c we were both just laughing so hard with each other in completely different parts of the house, 
knowing exactly what was happening,
and that was enough of a response to justify exactly whatever else we could have said.
and i stood there staring at a pee soaked chase and an eyes wide open max,
and i couldn't help but think about how much
i love this crazy life of ours.
and then about how it was a really
good thing we were already going to take a bath.
totally convenient.
and about how at least we know who we want to be with us at the beach if we ever get stung by a jelly fish.

googley eyes compliments of linsey.
hours of entertainment.
go buy some.
i promise,
you won't regret it.
note: when googley eyes go through the washing machine,
they actually come out stickier than before they went through.
and it's like you have new ones all over again.


VandyJ said...

That is definitely a story for the teen years.

Sue said...

Every parent needs a few of these stories to pull out at opportune moments in the adolescent years....