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Saturday, August 3, 2013

"aseeeeeeeping" {dead bird}

while driving in the car the following conversation occurred on my cell phone...
EM-hello, hello?
SEAN-ummmm, so today when i was swimming with max at the pool, 
i was thinking she just had a really good imagination...
SEAN-b/c she told me about how she saw a dead bird, 
and i was just thinking she had a good imagination.
SEAN-yeah, i just found a dead bird in the sandbox. 
SEAN-ask her if she touched the bird!
EM-{over my shoulder} max, did you touch the dead bird?
EM-how many times?
MAX-one...two, TREE times! {smiling and very proud}
EM- did you pick him up?!
MAX- nooooope!:)
EM-which hand did you use?
MAX-dis one. 
{holding up her left hand.}
{really, i'm asking the 3 year old which hand she used? yep, i sure am.}
EM- why didn't you tell me???
MAX- 'cause he was assseeeeeeping:)
EM- we don't ever touch dead animals.
EM- and we always come and tell mommy and daddy if we find any dead animals.
MAX- ooooottttaaaayyy:) don't touch dead animals. 
the birdy was aaaassseeeeeping mommy. his eyes wouldn't open!:)
EM- i'll wash her hands right when we get to nordstroms.
call natalie, and find out what we should be keeping an eye out for.
SEAN- yeah. i think we need some new sand.
EM- i'm so grossed out.
SEAN- yeah.
EM- bye.
SEAN- bye.

note to self: 
when max tells you that she saw a dead bird in the sand box this morning while she's swimming with you in the pool, she's not just entertaining a good imagination. 
she did IN FACT find a dead bird in the sand box this morning. 
she also pet it one or two or three times to see if it was awake.
it was not awake.
in fact, in the words of max, 
"it's eyes would not open 'cause it was aseeeeeeeping."
yep we're all pretty grossed out over here.
especially b/c we didn't actually find out that she pet the dead bird 
she pet the dead bird.
time for some new sand in the sand box.
i think yes.
should we have called somebody???

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Amy said...

Gross! Haha. Three year olds. They are so funny. So proud, it is adorable.