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Thursday, August 1, 2013

it was a beth day. {pizza rolls recipe}

{note: i have something in my teeth.}
beth came over and doted 
on us yesterday.
in her honor i made us pizza rolls.
while i cooked,
she fancied us with her artistic talents,
and played dolls and super heroes with my babies.
i give you,
cheesy, gooey, home made bread doughy goodness.

4 tsp yeast
2 cups warm water
4 tsp sugar
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
4 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp salt

1. yeast and sugar into the warm water. sit it your microwave for 10 minutes while the yeast rises. DO NOT COOK.
2. flour, salt, olive oil into your mixer. add water, 
yeast, and sugar mixture once yeast has turned 
yellow and bubbly {after about 10 minutes}.
3. mix with dough hook in your mixer 
or knead on counter top for about 5 minutes. 
i added about 3/4 cup water to it while it mixed.
click here and scroll down about halfway for tips 
about what your dough should look like.
4. put half of your dough into a greased bowl, cover and sit in the microwave for 45 min-1 hour. DO NOT COOK. 
{put the other half of the dough into a greased 
ziploc freezer bag and freeze. you can thaw on your counter 
another day and let it rise as it thaws 
to make another batch of pizza rolls, 
but without all of the work of making your dough.}

28 cut up square pieces of cheese {i used colby jack}
1 package of pepperoni {or at least 56 slices}
1 stick of butter, room temp {for spreading on top}
garlic powder
italian seasoning
freshly grated parmesian {i was out, didn't use}
ranch or marinara for dipping

1. flour your counter, roll out your dough. 
get it thin. see below. 
{or use pilsbury canned dough if you fancy.}
2. use a pizza rolling cutter to cut your dough into squares. they don't need to be perfect.
3. make a pepperoni and cheese chunk sandwich.
{i cut up pieces of colby jack, but i'm sure you could do shredded mozzarella or any cheese really.}
4. fold in each side like you're wrapping a square present.
and let me tell you, these little balls of joy 
are INDEED presents for your mouth:).
5. pinch and stretch the dough to get them to 
cover the pepperoni and cheese.
6. place seam side down into a greased pan.
7. once your entire pan is lined up with little bundles of joy, slather the tops with butter, sprinkle garlic powder and Italian seasoning on top. 
{i was out of fresh Parmesan  but i'll be sprinkling that on top next time too. 
they were amazing without it. not necessary to include.}
8. bake 450* for 15 minutes or until they are golden on top.
serve with ranch or marinara.
whichever you fancy.
"when i shed my skin, i grow a mermaid tail. good thing i'm by salt water." -beth 
 i'm just so glad that liz and joe raised a beth:)

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Sue said...

What a great friendship you have.