"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 1, 2013

better than a toothbrush

i don't know why i haven't thought of this before.
better than a toothbrush.
little push of the soap,
swish of water through the faucet to get the suds going,
wipe away with a wet cloth.
ignore the chipped paint.
kids and stools=lost toes and chipped cabinet paint.
the 1st cabinet pic up there was actually the right hand cabinet i did second. 
i took a picture further away of both of them and it just didn't do the filth justice,
but i couldn't believe how clean it got the first one, 
so i went back and took pics of the suds and the cleaned cabinet of the 2nd one i did.
the first one i did was so much dirtier than the second one in the bottom two pics shown above.
i still can't believe how clean it got them.
i will forever clean my cabinets and baseboards this way.
 it worked on my baseboards too.
their idea not mine.
child labor at its finest:)
and i'm proud to report that this is an emily original special.
i saw my handheld bristle cleaner sitting on my kitchen sink this morning and thought,
why not?
is more like it.
faster and easier than any other way i've cleaned my cabinets.
and i've never cleaned my baseboards before,
but this was the golden ticket.
go buy one for yourself and every one of your kids.
or train your dog.
or cat.
if you don't have kids.
and get your cleaning army scrubbing.
we are doing one room a day for the next however many days there are rooms that we have.
did that make sense?
don't want to overwork or break a sweat here.
my cabinets and baseboards are sparkling.
there were some marks from toys that didn't come off.
they had more of a waxy texture to them.
like the blue color from the bottom of chase's teeter totter giraffe 
that had scuffed up on onto the baseboards by the couch.
so my worker bees and i either weren't scrubbing hard enough, 
or it needed something a little stronger than the dawn dish soap and water we were using.
maybe the magic eraser would do it for those target spots.