"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 22, 2013


i feel like they ARE alive.
like i know they are alive,
but i feel like they ARE alive, 
with faces and bodies and stuff.
standing up and everything.
and my favorite thing to do is lay beneath them.
in the long blades of our backyard grass.
especially when it's the day before mow day.
b/c it's extra long and soft and fluffy.
right when my house is shading the backyard in the early evening,
and the air is still nice and warm,
but the sun is not blazing down on me.
and every once and a while my kids will come and jump on top of my stomach,
roll around on me,
pull my hair {i get grumpy when this happens--i have limits},
and then i tickle them,
'cause that's better than yelling at them for pulling my hair,
since they don't know they're doing it and all,
and then they laugh,
and roll off the sides of me into the grass,
and i try to get them to lay in the grass next to me.
you know,
just lay,
and be still,
and stare up at the sunflowers.
with their faces,
and bodies,
and big ginormous leaves of sunflower bounty.
max usually lasts the longest.
it's really really great.
brennan says, "yep, they're pretty awesome, can i go now?"
and chase just likes to stick his fingers into my nose and mouth and eyes.
and when his nails are long it hurts.
and sometimes he drools into my mouth.
it sounds gross, 
but it's not too gross.
just a little.
and then they all leave me,
and i'm still laying there,
looking up at those beautiful big green yellow faced creatures,
and there's just no where else i'd rather be.
b/c right then and there i'm laying in perfection.