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Friday, August 23, 2013

the story of how my oven lit on fire {1st BIG RED}

just for the record. HE photo bombed ME. and i loved it.
a family that instagrams together, stays together:)
i mean really, KEY to my HEART!
picked 'em.
ate 'em.
pizza/soda nighted 'em.
and almost burned the house down cookin' 'em.
b/c after 3 years of not cleaning my oven,
the good ol' girl put her foot down and said,
"cook for you no more woman! cleeeeeeaaaaannnn meeeeee. NOW."
i of course bargained with her to please, if she could,
cook me two more pizzas without any complaints,
and if she did, i would doll her up proper.
and do you know what she said?
i know.
i of course,
bound and determined to be the more stubborn one,
put my foot down and showed her who was boss.
she lit a fire in the bottom of my oven to counter my offer,
and set the fire alarms off for half an hour straight, 
while i sent my party guests and family outside,
so that she and i could have a little heart to heart talk over the matter. 
i continued to cooked those pretty little garden fresh tomato pizzas.
and she continued to burn an open flame and smoke 
like she was signalling an attack from tower to tower on the wall on the great wall of china.
i did not back down.
no, i did not.
she graced us with two beautifully baked "brick oven" pizzas,
as my brother in law kenny declared.
and then,
as promised,
i doused her with baking soda and vinegar,
while ashlie and i scoured pinterest for the best oven cleaning methods.
i scrubbed and wiped down the door portion that night,
declaring that the pinterest oven pins were LIES!!!
b/c it was clearly not "wipe away" as promised.
then in my fit of annoyance, 
i closed my oven and completely forgot about the bottom half until 24 hours later.
at which point i begged sean to wipe down the rest for me.
which he so lovingly did,
and told me it really did wipe away easily.
so i took back my bitter words for the oven pins on pinterest,
and texted three friends to let them know it worked.
but that they would need 24 hours of letting the paste sit and soak.
and a trader joes kitchen rag.
and really,
who has that long to wait?
i guess i did.
so that was good luck.
must have been those blood red garden fresh tomatoes.
boy am i glad my oven didn't burn down my house.
'cause that really would have put a damper on pizza/soda night.
{fancy bubbly compliments of ashlie and kenny.}
the end.

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Amy said...

Love the way you related this. So funny! Glad you reached a compromise which Didn't involve a fire. Gotta love baking soda and vinegar.