"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 19, 2013

welcome to the jungle {BIG RED SUNDAY EDITION}

yesterday i walked out into my garden and there it was!
a burning red of fire on the inside of the last tomato bush i checked.
i screamed i was so excited.
doubled check to make sure that's really what i thought it was.
and it was.
it was!
all of the work,
all of the waiting,
all of the wondering if they really were ever going to change.
right then in that very moment,
it was like confetti was raining down from the sky in rays of sunshine all around me.
b/c no matter how many years i garden,
there's one thing that i know for sure:
you can never really know what your garden is going to do for sure.
and i stood there,
with max clapping and jumping down next to me,
repeating everything i was saying again as if she was saying it not me,
"we have to tell daddy!"
"red! red! red!"
like a little birdie.
it was so so cute.
and i was overcome with satisfaction and joy.
and i could have just laid there in grass soaking it all up forever.
when your tomatoes grow out of their cages, 
and pull them from the dirt you've planted them into,
you improvise:)
i give you.................

exhibit A:
exhibit B:
the metal stake
holding the plant back against the fence, 
as it is trying to lay on our grass.
boy i hope there won't be any wind storms anytime soon.
fat chance.
i just hope the green bean bushes aren't too badly hurt in the downfall...
exhibit C:
the sunflower field goal
aka "touchdown jesus"
{this plant will be named "touchdown jesus" from here on out. 
what? too apostate? offensive? my apologies in advance.}
okay, i can't REALLY take credit for this one,
as they did this all on their own,
but i was just so impressed with their natural ability to do their job.
the sunflowers and the tomato plant.
the sunflowers grew,
and the tomato plant grew up around them.
presto change-O,
built in tomato stakes.
i seriously couldn't get over this one.
i just think it's so awesome.
in the pictures below you can see in the back of the bush,
where the tomato plant has grown up and around the sunflower stalks to support itself.

the ice cream was pretty great too.
love where you live.
for there's beauty all around.


Emmy said...

So so crazy how tall your sunflowers are! I really do have garden envy.
Love the icecream messy face picture!

Amy said...

You have an enviable green thumb, my friend.