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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

tigers and bathroom tsunamis

 1. find new water colors in the basement.
2. paint a tree and field of multi-colored poppies with my kids at the kitchen table.
3. talk about the storm clouds rolling in, what color the trunks of trees are, 
how brennan doesn't want to see the metal elephant at the zoo tomorrow, 
stuff like that.
4. so i left a stack of white paper and clean water for the paint brushes for them to help themselves.
5. at which point they started painting trees and multi-colored poppies in all sorts of colors.
6. decide to escape to the big room to watch old grey's anatomy episodes on netflix on my phone, 
with the sounds of the most darling little van gogh painters in the other room. 
it was pure pure bliss!
7. 15 minutes later, i heard 
"we are tigers with these stripes!" 
"yeah! we are real tigers like this!"
my eyes got REAL{ly} big.
'cause i knew.
and i held my breath a little.
with my eyes kinda wide.
i found them like this:
that's what happens when i watch netflix on my phone in the other room.
totally worth the 15 minutes.
and how in the world did brennan get his stripes with such precision?
baths at 4:30pm.
it's where it's at;)
but this story's not over yet.
because while they were bathing, 
i put chase in his high chair with a cup of yogurt.
totally smart, i know.
b/c a 1 year old strapped in and entertained with a spoon and his mouth is just one of those great things i have come to learn to do as a veteraned mom of 5 & 1/2 years now.
when i went to check on him i found him finger painting and splashing yogurt in a 3 feet radius all around him.
and i was all "chaaaaase, you little stinker!!!"
{wishing i didn't have carpet under my kitchen table, 
that's basically the only thing i was thinking},
and he looked up at me like "ma, this is the greatest thing on earth."
and i was all, "keep up the great work man!"
because right then i heard
brennan and max decide that a tsunami was going to hit the upstairs bathtub,
and a tsunami is what hit.
leaving the floor with an inch of water from the tub to the door.
it was just a WATER painting kind of day:)
and the weirdest part was that it was actually kind of great.
shocking to me too.
i know.
and what the heck,
i didn't even get angry or yell at anyone.
creeeeeepy weird.
my college children's art teacher would be so very proud.

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Amy said...

Can you pass some of that cool headedness patience my way? I am really struggling with that right now. I absolutely love that you didn't get mad. The tsunami would have left me not fit to parent. But the tiger stripes is hilarious and adorable!