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Friday, August 30, 2013

day 4 & 1/2 {first responder & hazmat crew}

day 4 & 1/2
1:05am-chase pukes milk all over me.
three times.
and i had even showered less than 12 hours before.
i shower.
sean bathes chase.
change of clothes.
throw in load of laundry.
we watch barney in bed.
chase drinks blue powerade.
we all go back to bed.
except for me b/c i stay up coughing.
couldn't stop.

"somewhere in the middle of the night AM"-
max comes in wanting milk and a "bee-na-na."
sean takes her downstairs.
puts her back to bed.
she comes in again.
he goes to lay with her in her bed.
i start coughing again.
we all fall back asleep.

6:36am-chase pukes blue powerade all over me.
three times.
my hair was spared this time.
i shower.
sean gives chase a bath.
we are a well oiled machine of puke clean up at this point.
i wipe down the floors.
put towels over and under the part that hit the edge of the bed.
put the first load of laundry into the dryer.
throw in a second load of laundry in.
we watch barney in bed.
i tickle/scratch chase's back until he's in a coma.
i think he is the cutest sweetest thing laying there all curled up on the pillow in our bed.
we put him back to bed.
i tell sean i'm a puke magnet.
b/c whenever one of our kids pukes,
i'm always covered in it.
he tells me that's because i'm the first responder,
and then he said that he's the hazmat crew.
we laugh really hard at this.
i slide up against him on his side of the bed, 
so i don't have to lay by the puke spot that hit my side of the bed 
{it really didn't smell, and i wasn't changing the sheets. i just wasn't.}
thank you king sized bed.
where one side is on a different planet from the other.
heaven sent.
i start coughing again.
we fall back asleep.
the alarm goes off to get brennan up for school.
i'd say we're off to a great start!
have mercy.
the good news: i know it's not an ear infection.
hip hip hooray!
seriously though, this is really exciting.
i've got to say, it IS pretty funny.
first responder and hazmat.
we make a good team.

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VandyJ said...

Nights like those seem to go on forever. Hope everyone feels better soon!