"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 26, 2013

i'm just a sucker for pomp and circumstance.

"i hope there's gonna be show and tell, 
'cause i love show and tell."
age: 5
favorite color: blue
best friend: cade
favorite animal: tiger
what do you want to be when you grow up: policeman
where do you want to live: california
favorite sport: soccer
favorite food: macaroni and cheese
favorite thing about yourself: being myself
favorite movie: batman
favorite super hero: batman
favorite holiday: halloween and christmas
favorite song: phillip phillips
favorite tv show: batman
favorite day: every day
favorite treat: cookies
favorite drink: rootbeer soda
favorite number: 6
favorite toy: superman
what are you most happy about this summer: mom
favorite memory about summer: going to the zoo with cade and blake
what are you really good at doing: jumping
favorite thing to do at home: play toys with max
what super power do you wish you had: 
flying and strong b/c i like being strong and i've always wanted to fly
favorite book: lego star wars
what is hard for you: nothing
what makes you happy: a hug and a kiss, but from mom's that don't wear lipstick on sundays
i started to tear up when he gave me a hug and a kiss.
and again when he walked under that banner on the red carpet.
so i figured i'd better just walk fast to my car if i was going to cry.
but by the time i got to the car, 
i couldn't muster one lousy tear.
i'm just a sucker for pomp and circumstance i guess.
susie and i picked the boys up and took all of the kids to chick-fil-a.
where they told us that they read a story,
had recess,
found their bins,
were unsure if they had name tags on their desks or not,
and really, couldn't remember where their desks were anyway.
brennan told me he was sitting by a girl with hair.
clearly disappointing to him, which i thought was hilarious.
and then they ran off to play in the play zone.
 oh to be finished with your 1st day of kindergarten.
right before bed we couldn't find monkey anywhere.
all of a sudden brennan said he remembered where he was.
and i was all, "why??!! monkey shouldn't be going to school!"
and he was like, "i sneaked him into my backpack."
and i was all, "how come?"
and he was like, "so i wouldn't be scared or sad at school."
at which point my heart melted,
my brows furrowed all puppy dog like,
and i had to climb into bed with him.
so i could hold his hand,
with monkey on his chest,
to watch him fall asleep.
thank heavens for little boys.

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Amy said...

What an awesome school with the red carpet and everything! Great first day of school, and how sweet fe had his monkey with him. That is too cute!