"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, August 25, 2013

there's always going to be somebody that doesn't like peaches.

we laid out all of his choices.
it took him about 5 seconds to decide.
then we labeled everything but his underwear and socks,
even though he begged me to do his socks,
i would not.
don't know why i wouldn't,
just seemed excessive i guess.
plus really,
if he actually takes off his socks and loses them,
i don't really want them back. 
i chased little Hawaiian umbrellas around my patio for about 2 minutes
while i was trying to set the table. 
until i realized tape was really what i needed.
when i came back,
max was chasing Hawaiian umbrellas around the patio.
and i laughed.
kindred souls.
but once i taped them down,
they were a hit.
i gave each of my kids a plastic hawaiian necklace,
and brennan was the first to suggest we cheers.
the green puffs were my favorite part.
and it was just so fun to fuss over.
inspiration here.
i've only been waiting 5 years to do it:)
and i have been counting down the days this week to enjoy it.
{even though chase threw food at me almost the entire time.}
spaghetti and meatballs, with green beans and rolls, per brennan's request.
it wasn't "if" he was going to touch the balls,
just "when."
his little world is about to explode into a thousand times bigger.
and i'm terrified and ecstatic for him all at the same time.
like we're opening a brand new book we've never read before.
and i feel like we're going to Disneyland.
with the buzz of the first day jitters all around.
so excited you can hardly sleep!
after dinner he told me that he's most excited about making new friends,
and most nervous about making new friends.
so i told him that if he's nervous about making new friends,
that maybe the other kids might be nervous too,
and he smiled at me and said "yeah," 
a little excited about thinking about it all.
and then i told him to be nice to everybody,
and always
tell the truth.
b/c i used to be a big fat liar,
and all it got me was trouble;)
and then i told him that no matter how big and juicy a peach is,
there's always going to be somebody that doesn't like peaches.
and he rolled his eyes and told me that i already told him that yesterday,
so i didn't need to tell him that again today.
i can't believe my baby is going to kindergarten tomorrow.
here we go...


jen said...

Hang on, Mama. You'll make it.

I can't believe he's old enough to go to kindergarten.

I'm a little teary myself.

Amy said...

Isn't it so exciting, though?! School starts for us next Monday and I am glad I have an extra week to prepare. Your table spread is gorgeous! I am so excited for our first day dinner, too. What a great tradition, right?