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Thursday, August 29, 2013

growing pains {1st week of kindergarten}

the cherry tomatoes in the center of the bush are always the trickiest to get out.
let's wrap up the first week of kindergarten so far...

day 1:
sad he's gone. 
put away every piece of laundry in my house.
everything is clean and quiet.
celebrate with chick-fil-a.
this is gonna be great!

day 2:
really, 8:15am again?
this is early.
yes, you can play at cade's house again.
max is bored out of her mind.
chase is teething and whining.
my house is a mess.
we watch tv all day.
go to ikea at night.
brennan goes into the play center.
i love ikea.
brennan and max stay up late laughing and playing in bed until after 9pm,
even though they were put to bed at 7:45.

day 3:
brennan doesn't want to go to school.
why does kindergarten have to be so early?
he wants to know why i signed him up for mornings, 
and when he can watch tv and play with a phone?
chase is teething and miserable.
he won't eat.
must be held.
fever hotter than Hades.
green poo.
i'm still sick with a cold.
going on day 8.
max is bored out of her mind.
she refuses to watch tv.
i drag brennan and cade to my house, 
promising them mac & cheese and an hour of lego batman on the wii.
brennan thinks i'm the meanest mom on the planet.
he and cade want to live together.
they are mad that susie and i won't let them.
i feel sad b/c i don't feel like i've seen brennan in 3 days.

day 4:
sean gets irritated with the safety patrol about the drop off rules for kindergartners.
we laugh about it when he gets home, and i am still in bed barely opening my eyes 
{i was up with chase and another Hades hot fever last night, so hot it burned my lips, i kid you not. gave him some motrin, rocked him for half an hour while his fever came down, 
and remembered how much i love holding a baby that sits on my chest 
all snuggled and sleeping--flashbacks of life before tubes.},
and then we talked about how he'd better just walk him in every day until brennan can walk by himself from one side of the school to the other from the drop off line to the kindergarten part of the school.
i complain to my friends about how i don't like the drop off and pick up routine 
while i'm visiting teaching, one says she saw sean this morning, 
we laugh about that, continue to gripe about how people get out of their cars 
and the pick up and drop off at the school is annoying.
then i left to pick up brennan and try to avoid going through the pick up line,
by parking on the street in front of the school,
behind another car that did the same thing
{i'm thinking that my luck is on today and that i must have hit it at JUST the right time
with all of these open front curb spots available. i was feeling SO awesome},
and then when i'm walking back with brennan, 
i see a motor officer 
and i realize 
that the reason why no one was parking there 
was because it was illegal to park there.
he voids my ticket, 
i thank him profusely,
all in front of the principal and two kindergarten teachers,
and other parents following the pick up line rules.
but not really b/c then i walk off with a smile 
b/c thank the heavens above!!!
for the first time in my entire life
i got a warning.
and in my defense,
i really did believe it was ok to park there.
bless that motor officer for having pity on a 1st time kindergartner mom.
we come home,
brennan tells me i'm the meanest mom for not letting him play with cade,
even though they've played after school for 3 days in a row,
AND i make him tell me about school when he gets home instead of watching tv.
it feels good to be getting into a new routine.
our garden is bursting.
max is my gardening helper.
i love it.
but she is just mostly lonely for brennan.
he tells me he loves kindergarten,
he's learning the pledge of allegiance,
and they are supposed to wear red tomorrow.
i can already see he's more grown up today
than he was on monday.
i'm so proud and happy for him.
and he says he's really tired,
and doesn't want to go to morning kindergarten tomorrow.
i wonder what will happen on DAY 5?
this is the only picture i have of brennan from this entire week 
b/c i haven't seen him 

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