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Friday, March 14, 2014

afternoons lately {secret hideout to chicken coop}

i've had a sunburn on my face two days in a row.
the second time i put sunscreen on.
it was in vain.
no help-oh.
the next three months are some of the best months of utah weather all year.
we will have winter, spring, and summer weather all in one day.
in the morning it's 36*.
by 5pm chances are it's been 65*, snowed, rained, and gone back to 55* by bedtime.
you never know what you're gonna get.
someone almost always changes clothes halfway through day, including myself.
i love it!
my kids have been riding bikes from lunch to dinner time.
yesterday i sat in my driveway with a pitcher of pink lemonade 
and watched a pack of 7 boys on bikes and scooters 
{with two little sisters trailing behind} 
go from their "secret hideout" at the house behind ours, 
to the chicken coop around the opposite corner across from "little justin's house"
about 20 times.
every fifteen minutes or so, they'd all swoop around the corner at our house,
smiling, laughing, and yelling forward and backwards to each other in the pack.
it gets me so excited for summer.
this has happened 3 days in a row.
it reminds me of the sandlot, and makes me want to go to home depot,
load up my van with wood and nails,
and build a tree house out of wood with sean {because we don't have any trees},
so that the boys can spend the summer in a place all their own.
playing cards and potty talking with no one to tell them not to.
i bought a few plants instead and let them soak up the sun next to the lemonade.
by the end of the day brennan stinks like boy, and everyone is covered in chalk,
dirt, and eyes that look so tired they will fall asleep standing up.
we're glad you're here:)

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ElizabethJane said...

You enjoying children actually living, playing, laughing---lovely