"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

letters to Emily {rain, defiant bear, & perfection smith}

Dearest Emiline Gibson,

That is hilarious and horrible at the same time.  I know how UNfunny things can be at the moment, and afterwards it is so funny you want to pee your pants!  Like you playing a good softball catcher and catching Max's barf in the Ikea plate.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.  And daylight saving doesn't happen here till the end of the month.  And it is full on Spring here.  And I love it.  But traditionally in April around here there is A LOT of  rain.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain.  I also love the sunshine, so I can't decide what I love more, but I do love hearing the pitter patter of drops on the roof tops and watching Bear splash in puddles and feeling like the earth is getting a big drink of water.  It get's thirsty too ya know!  Things around here have been great....the only weak link around here these days is Me.  Yep, I have been hit hard with sickness and my kids are doing great.  Strange.  But I am  feeling better than I felt yesterday and that is just fine with me.  I am loving everything Bear is doing lately.  I love hearing his dialogue while he plays with his cars, I love that he is SO defiant (not really), but Bryce and I just can't get enough of him, or Smith for that matter.  After we said prayers and read scriptures one night (which Bear refused to do on that particular night  I just looked at little Smith and realized he will always be there for prayers and scriptures.  He is perfect.  It's nice to have a little piece of perfection around all the time.  I gave a presentation today to about 20 special education students visiting here for a week long study abroad, about life in europe with a special needs child.  I loved it.  It was great.  They asked reallly great questions and I could talk about Smith all day long.  I took Bear and SMith to the park which Bear ended up throwing sand at my face and at most of the kids around him, so he landed himself a time out on my lap.  It worked.   We'll see.   I don't know if you have seen some of Sister Murphy's creations but you really should visit her blog.  She lives here in Heidelberg and bakes everyday!!!  We have Sister. Murphy day every week.  We go to her house about 10 and she has like 200 little cars for Bear to play with, and she has allergy free snacks for him ready and usually a cupcake for me!  It is so fun!  
I really really really am wishing your kids get OVER all the illness soon.  I hate it when family is sick, and when it rains, it POORS.  You should know that.   I wish we were cooking something magical today and spending the day with our shoes off, the warm grass tickling our feet while our kids play in the water, oh the joys of summer.  But it's spring and spring is my favorite.  So let us raise our juice glasses to a wonderful Spring!  Love you Emiline!


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