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Sunday, March 9, 2014

letters to Beth {day light SAVIN' and horse manure}

dear beth,
hello dear friend!!!
it's day light SAVIN' time over here today.
spring forward.
usually my least favorite day of the entire year,
except this year,
because i have sick kids.
and so it hasn't been so bad.
max had a fever all last week,
then an ear infection,
and then the boys both woke up with fevers this morning,
and then max barfed after dinner.
10 minutes after i gave her the antibiotic for her ears and such.
it was terrific!
no really, it was.
i caught all three barfs right in her dinner plate.
those new ikea plates with the lip around the edge are amazing.
no puke on me,
no puke on her,
and most importantly,
no puke on the carpet:)
i've never been so happy about puke ever.
but like i was saying,
the best part of having sick kids on the day light savin' time switch 
is that they are all begging to go to bed right on time.
except really it's an hour ahead of time.
and sean was all,
"what time it is really?"
and i was like,
"it's 6:30"
and he was all,
"you're letting him go to bed at 6:30?"
and i said,
"well it's actually 7:30."
and i could tell that neither of us were really sure what time it really was anyway.
mostly because half of the clocks in our house are one time,
and the other half are another.
and it was still light outside.
but like i said,
they all went to bed right on time.
or an hour early.
we were up in the middle of the night with brennan and his fever,
and we didn't actually remember it was day light savin' time,
b/c if we did we wouldn't have stayed up until 1am watching captain phillips.
must see.
so by some miracle sean woke up on time and made it to his sunday morning meetings by 8am,
and somewhere in there brennan woke up and wandered downstairs to get my phone,
and then max came in and turned on the tv in my room to watch the movie that's always playing on it 
{right now it happens to be mater's tall tales.}
and then i heard chase crying,
which is when i went in to get him and i could see fever in his eyes.
so then he came into bed with us and his sippy cup full of milk,
and we all laid there in a trance for half an hour.
then we staggered downstairs and i made breakfast that no one ate.
and we watched movies for the rest of the day.
i made us all go out for a walk around the block instead of eating lunch 
b/c no one wanted to eat still.
fever life. it has it's perks.
less food prep and less clean up.
and then we came back and somewhere around 5pm sean and i fell asleep in the big room,
because our bodies thought it was 4pm, and i usually get drozy around 4,
and also we were up all night,
and the clocks did their savin' thing.
except someone should tell those savin' people 
that "SAVING" is actually when you keep it,
not lose it.
like an hour of sleep.
or 3 if you were up with a kid and a fever.
the sun was warming our backs and legs,
and it was just sooooooo lovely that i couldn't help but fall asleep listening to sean read Aesop's Fables to brennan, and then when i woke up, sean was asleep and brennan was gone,
and then later i saw that
max took about 42 pictures of us asleep.
note the sticker she also stuck on my back. 

this one of sean's ankle below is pretty sweet.
or maybe it's the arch of his foot?
future photographer.
max gibson.
we are so proud.
especially of that last artsy one of my feet in the shadows.
everything's cool as long as i don't get this fever they've all got.
winter just wasn't going to let us get off scotch free.
wait, i think it's scott free.
and right when it got warm.
what the heck?
i'm so glad we made it this far through winter.
wait, i think we were sick at christmas.
i'm vaguely remembering lots of barfing.
that's right.
well anyway, i've obviously forgotten about it 
and thought that this is our first real sickness, so let's just go with that.
and it really worked out great that it was on day light savin' time.
how are you?
your boys look so grown up in your pictures.
what is spring like in Heidelberg?
is anything blossoming yet?
we put down all of our horse manure mulch yesterday.
the lilac bush and the peach tree all have little buds on them.
i can hardly wait for the garden this summer!
note: christmas lights still up.
we've got our priorities straight:)
here's to another year with a WEED FREE yard!
tell me everything that's going on with you?
are you growing anything in your house?
how is smith's wheelchair?
i loved watching bear push him around your flat.
is bear saying "no" to everything?
chase is.
it's still cute.
for now.
i usually spend the first week of day light savin' time thinking about how it's really supposed to be an hour back, and how i've been so cheated to now have to go to bed an hour early when i could have stayed up an hour more. have you ever heard of something so silly as that? good grief, it's not like i've lost any more time after the first day, AND it's not dark until 8pm, and that's got to count for something! the neighborhood is really starting to come alive, and i LOVE it.
happy ALMOST spring:)

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