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Friday, March 14, 2014

big brother is watching you. {ROY G. BIV}

day 5 of no tee-vee.
their job is to work on their leprechaun trap until i wake up.
water colors,
ROY G. BIV color organized spreadsheet and marker line up.
let's just say it's 8am.
and let's just say i'm still all nestled in my bed,
warm and cozy,
with a baby snug in his crib happily sucking on his "B",
and two happily sharing crafting children at the kitchen table.
and then let's just say,
"this is funny" in the words of doc holliday.
because everyone knows there AIN'T NO WAY that's gonna happen.
my guess is that max will be screaming at brennan for stealing her paint brush,
and brennan will be arguing with max over who got the better water color set,
and they both will be pulling the aluminum foil covered 
kodiak pancake box back and forth like the baby story in the bible,
except when it breaks in half, 
brennan will cry, and max will just be happy she got half.
at which point i will submit to taking my ear plugs out, 
and chase will be woken up from WWIII that has erupted from the kitchen table.
yes, that's more like it.
maybe i should just be more positive?
oh but reality is just so much more hilarious.
7 days without tv feels almost impossible when saturday and sunday morning come on days 5 and 6.
thank goodness my children have no sense of what 7 days feels like,
and no idea what day we are on,
because if it's 6am that this all goes down at,
i can tell brennan the great news that grounding from tv is over on this fine saturday,
and go back to sleep.
i will keep you posted.
maybe i'd better just tell them the leprechaun is watching on the secret video cameras...

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