"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 6, 2015

it reminds me of the pop the weasel game at chuck-e-cheese {38 weeks}

{measuring 39 weeks--he's finally slowed up, hooray.}
you love to lay on your right side.
head down, butt up,
with your feet out straight on the left side of my belly.
you don't like your legs up close to your belly.
just nice and stretched out.
i remember seeing this during your ultrasound too.
you get the hiccups when i get flustered or stressed.
you sleep.
for long periods of time.
and then you wake up for a little bit,
push your legs out straighter,
push your butt up and out,
and then push down with your head until i feel like you're going to fall out.
and then you usually go back to sleep.
i had a dream that you had black hair.
lots of it.
i can't wait to see if you do.
you left two new stretch marks right above my belly button to the right side,
but i don't care because they go away anyway.
and even if they don't, i still don't care.
i will always remember you were there.
today, when dr nielson measured you with his tape measure, 
i told him i wasn't worried about you being 10 pounds anymore 
because you've gone from 38 to 38.5 to 39 the last three weeks, 
and he said he wasn't either,
and i knew we were both telling the truth,
not just wishful thinking.
i wonder if you will be skinnier than your brothers.
because you feel more pokey and boney like maxine did.
not as thick as i remember brennan and chase feeling.
except i KNOW you're not going to be a 7 pounder.
and my belly feels JUST as heavy as it did with brennan and chase.
so i'm wondering if you'll be somewhere in the high 8's.
but my head tells me you're probably going to be in the 9's.
sometimes you kick so hard it hurts.
you're strong.
you're so strong.
and sometimes i have to push your foot back into place 
because it's poking so far out on my left side.
it reminds me of the pop the weasel game at chuck-e-cheese.
i have your blankets and baby clothes all washed.
and a little elephant binky holder.
it's grey with white polka dots.
and has the cutest little elephant trunk that stretches out to hold your binky in place.
i can't wait for them to lay you on my chest,
and feel your warm little body on mine.
the birth day is always the most exciting day of this entire time we've been dreaming of you.
see you next saturday pal;)

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Amy Involuntary said...

I absolutely love living this with you! I love the little letters you write to your children. I love reading your hopes and dreams for him.