"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 4, 2015

on the last day of 1st grade

baby fat gone.
mr. confidence here.
struck that pose all on your own.
socks don't go up to your knees anymore either.
picture doesn't show how much taller you grew 
because your fancy pose made you look shorter.
on the last day of 1st grade we couldn't find your shoes.
i made you wear your wet converse that are pretty much too small for you that sat outside in the rain by the tramp the night before because we couldn't find your shoes the day before either.
it was free dress day/favorite color day.
it took you 15 minutes to get dressed.
you wanted pancakes for breakfast.
you ate them all.
WITH an extra pool of syrup on the side.
you drank half a glass of milk,
ate some strawberries,
and told me you didn't want the pb and honey sandwich i made you for lunch.
pudding cup YES:)
i mean really though, that was always my favorite too.
you wear your backpack over your head with one strap now.
sometime during the middle of the year you started this.
i think it's really really cute.
i had to throw away your mario backpack when you got home from school today because there was a massive hole in the bottom of it from so much wear and tear this year.
i hope you don't ask me where it went.
you are SUCH a good reader.
like i can't even believe how far you've come this year.
and also you speak german.
so that's pretty awesome.
you understand more than you speak.
but now you're teaching chase and max words here and there,
and it's the cutest.
when you got home from school you wanted soda and ice cream.
and you and cade rode bikes all night.
it was a thursday.
i love you,

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Amy Involuntary said...

I love that he is learning German. You have such an amazing way of recording your memories, and I love it!