"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 3, 2015

ain't THAT the truth

"i want my hair cut to here 
{insert max pointing to a specific length on the back of her neck},
but long in the front so i can put it behind my ears and not have hair get in my face."
{i kid you not...she was THAT specific.
because after 6 months of asking to cut her locks, 
the girl had plenty of time to really think about what she wanted. 
i loved that she knew just exactly what she wanted...life skill my friends.
LIFE skill.}
meet amanda.
we both had our boys enrolled in the ever glorious 
first time mom heaven 
known as gymboree:)
not the clothing gymboree.
oh no,
i'm talking about the money sucking learn and play class gymboree.
i was pregnant with maxine...
or maybe it was just before that.
so there we were with our about one year old boys,
letting them climb all over the gymboree foam climbing equipment,
with the best bubbles known to man on planet earth,
and it was friends at first sight.
we'd hit the zoo, the children's museum, gymboree, and the aquarium all in one week.
then we mamas would meet up for frozen yogurt once the babes were snug in their beds at night and talk about our favorite shows on tv, our big dreams for life, and traumatic childhood shaping experiences. stuff like that.
SUCH a fun time in my early mothering days,
where everyday was get up and play in the morning with our friends,
come home to a perfectly clean house, 
feed my ONE child without opinions a healthy and delicious lunch,
shower without interruption EVERY SINGLE DAY,
feed myself lunch AND dessert,
watch 5 million shows i recorded on my VHS tapes,
{oh how i miss THE HILLS!!!!!},
and have my ONE babe wake up from his nap, 
just in time for sean to walk in the door home from school...
at which point he would scoop brennan up to play outside,
while i would make dinner WITHOUT interruption.
geez, i remember when all of that seemed hard!
soooooo anyway, back to reality...
here we are 7 years later still getting together with our kiddos,
except now we are yelling at the boys to stop spraying the girls with the super soakers,
telling them a THOUSAND times that no, they cannot play any more video games today,
all while bouncing new babes on our hips the entire time.
there ain't NOTHING like a best friend:)
but my favorite part of the entire day,
was a private little conversation max had with amanda while she was cutting her hair,
{lord knows i can't take 4 kids to the hair salon,
and good gracious, thank goodness she brought the salon to us...
at the pool...oh yeah. that's love.}
so, like i was about to tell you,
while she cutting max's hair on the grass,
and i was rocking the babes and watcing the boys swim under the shade of the giant weed tree,
the following conversation between max and her hairstylist amanda occurred...

max: "my mom says i can cut my hair however i want."
amanda: "oh yeah?"
max: "yep, but i can't get ANY tattoos."

and THAT my friends is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
{insert laughing/crying/monkey covering the face emoji here}
{because when amanda told me about it after, 
i don't think we've ever laughed so hard together ever.
but really though.}
because a girl can only be as honest as she is with her hairstylist,
while she's getting her locks cut.
ain't THAT the truth.
and that's a wrap folks!
god bless amanda.
and god bless gymboree.
we thank you for taking all of our money,
so we could meet and be friends.
but REALLY though!
heaven sent.
the end.


MsAmandaMarie said...

Awe I love this post!
7 years and counting!
Love you and your sweet family oh so much!

Amy Involuntary said...

Hahaha! So cute! She is a little girl who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and it will serve her well.
And you are so right, there is nothing better than a best friend in this whole entire world!