"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 8, 2015

the ice age

you calling me fat?
-8 weeks-
tonight brennan was asking me 
if there was gonna be 
another ice age,
and if there was, would we survive?
and how would we live in the cold?
and would there be dinosaurs again?
because he said there were cave men and dinosaurs in the ice age 
{i blame dream works for this entire conversation by the way}.
and i was all, yeah, there's probably gonna be another ice age, 
'cause everything cycles you see,
this is what i told him.
and we'll probably need coats, 
and our gas bill will go up, 
but mostly my point was that we'd either adapt or die out.
'cause brennan doesn't have nightmares, 
and he likes it when i just shoot it to him straight,
even if we're talking about dying in the next ice age,
if we don't have good enough coats and stuff.
so then we talked about how like we'd have to build bubbles over our cities,
and heat them to a perfect sunny and 70* or something 
{except for fall and christmas where we'd want the leaves to fall off the trees and then for it to snow}, 
or just that we'd need to make really great coats, 
or find someone who makes really great coats, 
like better coats than what the stores sell now. 
stuff like that. 
'cause we'd be adapting you know. 
and then when i was driving home from getting froyo alone after
ALL 4 kids of ours 
were in bed 
at the SAME TIME 
{this hasn't happened in the last 8 weeks you see}, 
and i was thinking about how having a baby is kind of like the next ice age.
adapt or die out.
because all of a sudden you realize that you've adapted 
and you're no even sure when that actually happened 
or how you really got there,
{and you're so tired that you're not really sure you're actually alive anyway...or awake. whichever}
because you didn't even plan it or anything,
you just know it happened, 
and you know you survived. 
just call me darwin;)

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Amy Involuntary said...

I'd say you've done a mighty fine job of adapting, my friend!