"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 17, 2015

formerly know as ghandi

last sunday was the worst day.
it wouldn't end.
and i felt like a break would never come.
i kept thinking about how big of a baby i was being because really,
what was so bad about my day other than 4 cranky kids anyway?
and then i felt even worse for being such a whiner.
because it was sunday and all, 
and i was thinking about how i should be more grateful for my blessings and spiritual stuff like that,
but all i was doing was whining about how i had 4 cranky kids,
and a baby that wouldn't nurse.
mostly the day was rough because dean went on a hunger strike.
for almost twelve hours dean wouldn't nurse!
{and don't go talking to me about broccoli and spinach and kale and stuff 
because i didn't eat any of it, so let's not even bring it up ok? ok.}
so no joke, dean wouldn't eat.
and after six hours of him not nursing i finally pumped,
and he wouldn't take the bottle.
he takes bottles.
he just wouldn't take THAT bottle on THAT day.
{he did this to me last tuesday too.}
he would not take it from me.
he would not take it from sean.
i was exhausted.
and it seems so silly now.
but my brain was just spent.
so sean and i were sitting in the big room trying to get dean to drink his bottle,
and i'm wondering how long ghandi was going to lay over there holding out on us over the milk,
when all of a sudden, little max walked into the room and asked if she could feed him,
and i was all sassy to her like,
"gooooo aheeaaaaad! do your worst."
'cause i KNEW he was just gonna scream and not take a bottle from her either,
and then i was gonna have screaming dean AND hurt feelings crying max.
and then probably chase would start crying bc he's a sympathy crier you know,
and if all three are crying then why not make something up for brennan to join in with too.
this is what i was thinking.
welp, do you wanna know what happened?
that baby dean {formerly known as ghandi} 
gulped down 5 and a half ounces of pumped breastmilk from that mama max.
he did.
god bless siblings.
and god bless mama max.
i couldn't get that stinker to nurse until 10am the next day.
wish i knew what he was so mad about all that time:/
but you know what?
i don't know if i've ever seen max so proud in her entire life.

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Amy Involuntary said...

What a marvelous blessing for you that Max could feed him! And what a worrisome nightmare that he wouldn't eat! I am so glad that it was resolved. Any idea why he wouldn't?