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Sunday, November 30, 2008


today, i locked myself in our room with this and a box of "kleenex."
i have never been one to believe that a humidifier could really do any sort of healing tricks, but when i put it in brennan's room two weeks ago his runny nose did stop. i waved it off as luck.
well, last night at 5am i woke up--not to a crying baby (b/c thank goodness we are many months past that phase), but to a head that felt so dry it was going to crack. what did i do? walked my groggy-eyed self into brennan's room, where i plopped myself directly in front of the humidifier for 20 minutes. i just sucked that moist air right in. on returning to my lovely warm bed, hair drenched from the humid air, and nose running, i grabbed a kleenex and well...you know. then it was back to bed. eventually when the sun came up, i sent the boys off to church, brought the humidifier into my room so the midst would fall directly on my stuffed up face, and spent the day "humidifying."
i can honestly say, i feel better...and i think it's because of the humidifier.
thank you mother for loaning us this fabulous piece of equipment.

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Gilbert Family said...

that looks like a retro juke box. cool! im glad youre feeling better! we used the triaminic blower thingy that has aloe and menthol and that made jacob feel better. so nice!