"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 1, 2008

meet & greet monday!

after a long weekend we're all back at it again, so it must be...
"meet & greet monday!"
it is my pleasure to introduce you to everyone's grandma
(but for realz is yours truly's).
this lady has sass and a sense of humor to knock your socks off.
ladies & gentlemen, friends & family,
"meet & greet"
grandma gigi!
full name: Carol Fern MaComb
nickname: "GiGi" (jee-jee)
age: 82 on dec. 10th
children: 7
best advice you can give: be honest
greatest adventure you've been on: oh my catfish, hmmm, i don't know...about adventures, the trip i liked the most was when your mom and i went to Shanghai. i think Asia is interesting b/c it's a third world country, but yet there's so many things we never see.
favorite hobby: golf
why?: b/c it's outside and it's a challenge, it's not the easiest thing to do to hit that little round ball and make it go where you want it to go...and i like the exercise, i don't ever take a cart, i like to walk.
first thing you do when you wake up: i have to go pee, at my age, you just try to make it to the bathroom on time. also, i wash my face, brush my teeth, so i wake up, and then i read the paper ALL the way through.
favorite singer: frank sinatra b/c he's more my age (he also hit on grandma in vegas, but that's not why she liked his voice) & louis armstrong with his raspy voice "what a wonderful world..."
famous people you've met: frank sinatra, louis armstrong & band members (they used to come to our house, your mom tended one of their kids when they were in town), sofia lauren, count bassie (he was a band leader), benny goodman (band leader), janice joplin (i didn't like her at all), ella fitzgerald, jimmy durantee, no presidents, just lots of stars, probably people you wouldn't even know.
bowling or golfing: i like golfing better, but you bowl in the winter and golf in the summer.
favorite sport to watch on tv: baseball b/c i don't understand football
favorite movie: i always liked all of the alfred hitchcock movies, but the sound of music is my favorite. it was musical, and it was something i could see really happening, escaping out of the clutches of war, them falling in love, very romantic.
crazy memory: i met frank sinatra in las vegas, he came up to our table because al collins was there. al was a DJ who played frank's records. i think what frank like about me was my black hair and blue eyes. he had just broken up with ava gardener, and i think i reminded him of her, but he didn't know i was also sitting there with my husband. he asked me if i'd like to come back stage after the show. i asked if my husband was invited too, and it dropped right there.
memory you have of my mom: she was always beautiful, always so smart, always kept her room really clean, i was just always so proud of her. i always wanted a little girl and then i didn't want any more children, but that was not the case.

oh grandma gigi,
we LOVE you millions!!!
(which is the amount you say grandpa erwin owes you for having all of his babies)


Dana and Adam said...

Em, your G-ma is too cute! How did she get to meet all those stars? My favorite is Ella Fitzgerald. I love her voice.

emily said...

that's just my grandma. her husband (my mom's stepdad) knew all of the famous jazz players of that time period, so they would come to their house, meet on trips, etc. it's pretty fun to hear all of her stories!

Buckeye Nut said...

I love your Grandma, she is sooooo cute. She definitely liven's up the room.

Buckeye Nut said...

Your Grandma is too dang cute. She has a way of lighting up the room.