"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 5, 2008

jack frost nipping at your nose

it was nippy yesterday, but we just had to get out.
so we went to visit our favorite cows....sadly, there were no cows. if you remember our fall walk post in october you will have images of a beautiful white and black cow standing by this fence. gasp! the cows have been "ehem." on the positive side, no cows came running at us, making brennan scream in fear! it was pretty cute when they used to do that though...boo hoo, i know.
i didn't think it was too cold outside, but after our 20 min stroll little brennan was freezing! how do i know? i'm embarrassed to say there were little whimpers coming from the stroller...and red little fingers, which i quickly covered with a blanket. thank goodness for his fuzzy hat (i LOVE target, btw). however, dad had come home while we were out (we LOVE when dad comes home during our walks) and warmed out little tootsies by the fire.
it was a great afternoon.
happy 9 months little dude.
it's been a thrilling ride!

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Gilbert Family said...

poor cows :( brennan looks so cute in his little hat! i just noticed that sean and the baby have the same ears! how cute! happy 9 month b-day (yesterday)