"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 20, 2008

have a holly jolly

christmas cards are one of my favorite things about christmas time.
i just love getting mail.
i still get excited seeing a hand addressed letter in my mailbox.
email is great, but there's nothing like that envelope
especially addressed
to me.
a few months back i decided to "economically" forgo our christmas card this year
(you know, with the blog and all),
and oh how i am regretting it!
thank goodness others have not made the same mistake.
i vow to send a hand addressed christmas card out next year.
until then,
merry christmas!
emily, sean, and brennan
our card would have had a super cute picture of the three of us matching in christmas colors outdoors in the snow.
we would have talked about roley poley brennan who is still NOT crawling, but prefers to roll around from place to place.
we would have mentioned how glorious our life is with little B and how we can't wait for lots more!!!
we would have said sean is doing fantastic in PT school and as serving as scout master.
we might have said how amazing this year has been, but you know, we don't want to rub it in;-)
we definitely would have said how grateful we are for having wonderful people like all of you in our life!
merry merry happy christmas!


Lauren said...

ooh! I see my card! :)

The Gist Family! said...

Christmas Cards are one of my favorite things about the holidays too. Our friends from our ward in New York are all over the country now, and it is so fun to hear from all of them.

I have to say that one of the things that I am grateful for this year is a Scoutmaster who has a sense of humor in dealing with my crazy boys. Sean has been wonderful and is such a good example of what a scout should be. Thank you for sharing him with the scouts.

Happy Holidays!

ryan and stacy beck said...

Merry Christmas Em! Just noticed on the fridge a pic of you and me from like a century ago! I think its time for a new one (we'd have to see each other and take photos for that to occur). That's ok I still have one of you from halloween (80's theme) in my kitchen! Good times! Miss you. Oh I'm having a baby shower, just don't know when. I think kristin is throwing it for me. We were thinking february would that even be possible for you? (not valentine's weekend). Miss you! I made lots of christmas goodies today w/ ryan and thought of you.

The Nielsens said...

as you can tell mine was totally a throw together last minute thing! it is fun to get them and next year I promise to actually put together a good card with a quality picture!