"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 18, 2008

omaha lime sublime

as previously mentioned this week there are 2 things making you an
in my family.
is 1 and these steaks are the 2.
omaha steaks
1/2 dad's family attended
Creighton Univ. in omaha, nebraska.
our dinner plates have never been the same.
there's just no way to do these steaks justice without letting yourself bite into the silky red meat. it melts in your mouth. there is no extra fat anywhere on the beautiful red delights. many may say you need extra fat for flavoring, but not with omaha's. they require no seasoning whatsoever. all they need is a grill (preferably a charcoal weber) and a chef to properly prepare the salivating medium rare juicy steak.
grilled asparagus to accompany, of course.
thank you grandma max for stocking our freezer full!
we will think of you all year round as we feast on these beauties from above.
although, it appears that this week brennan prefers
limes only please.

also, congrats

Mrs. brooke N.

for guessing correctly the 2 things we are counting down for.

i will post brooke's prize by saturday for all of you to see!!!!


Hilary said...

Your little guy is so adorable. I can't get over it!

Proudfeet said...

You guys are spoiled with the delicious mail order treats!

Gilbert Family said...

dang it! i had the days numbers mixed up. silly me. 5 days till christmas i said? which time zone am i in? not this one i guess! that great you are going to hmb! bring your coats it should be raining on christmas, but its the coast, it never follows directions so it might be sunny and beautiful!

Sue said...

I always hear about those steaks on TV but never thought they'd actually live up to all the rhetoric. I'll have to try 'em! (The men in my family are big on beef!)