"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

cranky baby

last night went like this...
1. fed baby dinner
2. nursed baby
3. read baby 3 books
4. put baby to bed on time (7:15pm)
5. cleaned up kitchen, picked up toys
(okay, so i didn't really do this, but i should have),
i settled into our recliner and watched 90210,
but i did consider jumping on the treadmill,
does that still count?
6. baby wakes up crying at 9pm (this is not normal)
7. put pacifier back in
8. baby goes back to sleep
9. baby wakes up at 9:30pm (not sure if baby ever went back to sleep)
10. baby gets reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllly mad from then until about midnight
what the crap!?
we've trained this baby to soothe himself to sleep so rocking doesn't really work anymore...
but when we're desperate we try just for kicks;-)
11. 4 sessions of rocking, 2 attempted nursings
these two things are reserved only for emergencies,
like sickness and teething...
i think this one was teething.
tried oragel and baby motrin,
but no relief came to baby.
12. finally put baby in crib
13. baby played for 30 minutes with toys in crib
14. baby fell asleep until 8am
15. mom wonders, "what the heck was that about?"
have you had one of these nights?
the eternal optimist in me is
VERY thankful
it was from 9-midnight,
rather than 3-5am.


The Nielsens said...

sometimes we'll just never know what those little babies are up to!

Shelby and Ted said...

Don't you worry...just when you think you have it down, they go and mess things up again, at least that is what I hear! Saydee has had her share of nights like those. YOu are awesome. Love ya!