"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 1, 2009

snow covered beers & two backward semi's

silver fox
pork loin
shawn ray & tenille
(i know tenille is a ray now too, but i have to call him by his full name at all times)
note: tenille, i couldn't have done it without you!!!
emilisq (yours truly)
jorjia & jake (brought the sud-zies)
nick starn
ann marie
root beer you guys, come on!
thanks jorjia and jake for the sud-zies.
(great job on using our natural resources too, lol, that's fresh snow ya'll!)
real beer below
for my texas roadhouse blossom!
not for drinking.
i know you were all VERY worried:-)
see my little rum wieners below!?
they didn't go as planned.
i used some old rum my mom had...
i think it went bad.
can that happen?
"show piece"
as i kept calling it did not put on any kind of a show.
the alcohol did not light on fire as it was supposed to, so i cranked up the heat to boil off the alcohol. no one seemed tipsy...
andrea, did the same thing happen to yours?
the artichoke dip and avocado dip were a hit;-)
second matter of business:
trip to park city to visit the silver fox and his friend larry for dinner.
on the way up we ran into this.
so glad i had my camera.
seriously, is there something wrong with this picture?!
after a LONG day and a LONG night our little man didn't even wake up in the car to crib transfer.
naping stats today:
3 1/2 hour nap after church
glory, glory hallelujah for a much needed nap.
i don't think it gets much cuter than that.


Bree said...

the bowl full of red things looks like a bowl full of prescription pills! QUITE a PARTY! BEERS, PAPS-a little white trash, but OK and a bowl full of prescription medication..wow! i hope you provided cabs for your party goers to arrive home safely! :)_

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Sue said...

Naps are a wonderful thing.