"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 6, 2009

da, da, da, da, dA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

here is a hug from the pork loin to you!
(his shirt says, "i'm bringing chubby back")
(click above to see her fancy dancy blog)
for real guys, did you read her comment?
here are some of the highlights:
group date
playin' it cool
roller skating
strobe & black lights
(ya' get where we're takin' this?)
white bra
boyfriend's roommate=informant
"bra shining like a beacon"
yup, i know, lol!
and she put my button up too:-)
want to read the whole story?
want to read more about my awesome friend natalie?
she's guest blogging on light refreshments served today!
(beware, it's 2 tissue post folks)
email me (emilygibson82@yahoo.com) to pick one of the following to be shipped directly to your abode:
the famous cookies
choc/mint/white choc choc cookies
chinese haystack chocolates
white choc choc fudgey brownies
pick a treat, any treat, i'll take requests too!
(and brooke, i'm sending your very late treats from my christmas contest now too, eek!)
things i should be doing right now:
(ooo, ooo, for what!?!)
emptying the dishwasher
getting dressed
making the bed
picking up toys
things i am doing right now:
sitting in my robe & slippers enjoying brennan's nap
drinking a massive bottle of water
i love water. did you know that?

1 comment:

Natalie said...

REALLY?!?!? I am so thrilled!! Pork loin and I are together on this "bringing chubby back" thing. So, I am all over the goodies.

I am HAPPY!! I promise, before you and Sue came into my life, I had NEVER won anything!

Thank you!! And, thanks for encouraging me...also I got a little teary when you mentioned me as your awesome friend. I do consider you a friend. And, your support of my writing has blessed my life tremendously, you have given me courage! ((HUGS))