"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

scheduled person

i'm a scheduled person. i enjoy routine.
monday is laundry and costco day.
tuesday is tacos with ann marie.
wednesdays have become play dates with keri & madison.
thursdays are get done errands & take a walk day.
fridays are supposed to be clean my bathroom & vacuum day, but i usually just end up watching grey's from the night before and taking brennan for a walk.
most of the time i love this.
it just feels good.
i like clocks, knowing what time it is.
this could be from a flight attendant mother.
don't mistake my happiness in routine as a lack of luster or spontaneity.
secret: i just need a little shove and i'll surprise your boots off!
i am a leader who likes to follow.
i love to swim, breathe fresh air, giggle with my husband until 1am in bed, and go for frozen yogurt after brennan is in bed.
i love having girlfriends to talk and laugh with.
i'd always rather have people around than be alone. (only child syndrome!)
i will befriend almost anyone to get to known them better.
i think about how different my life will be as we add more "broo" to our "brood."
no announcements, i'm just sayin'.
i'm thankful for this season i'm in, and i'm not talkin' about the weather.
i'm beginning to think i need to live in a hot climate.
i love the time i have to reflect on my life: the joys, excitement, future, worries, fears, anticipations.
that is why i blog.
i'm a scheduled person who likes routine.


Proudfeet said...

You are such a great writer! That was so fun to read!

keri said...

Yes, we are still on... Are you going swimming tonight??? Jeff doesn't have school tonight...

Natalie said...

Given your take it or leave it option...I'll take it!
Lovin' you lady..is that weird, since we've never met. Oh well, even if it is weird, who cares? Feels like I've known you forever. :)

Lauren said...

What a wonderful post... I loved reading that blog. You are wonderful, and if you want to move to a hot climate (or just visit) you know where to find me! :)