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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 months and nursing

do you remember these lucky jeans i got at nordi's!!??
they were for 2T
so i thought i had plenty of time for him to wear them out. turns out the pork loin fits them now! dang it, i was hoping they'd be baggier around the mid-section, but they are so darn cute it doesn't matter. mark my words, he'll be wearing them every day until they no longer fit, saavy?!
do you remember when he had
well, when i took him into the after hours clinic to make sure everything was okay, the pediatrician on call looked at brennan and i quote,
"did you really get this big on breast milk?"
to which i smiled and replied, "yes ma'am!" i pretty much glowed the rest of the night. i don't know why it made me feel so good that my breast milk is so fattening, but by golly i felt like i had won a million dollars! yes folks, one more month to go. i am so glad i stuck with it. nursing rocks!
any last minute tips on weaning?
11 months
my little pork loin!

you make dad and i so happy to be alive.

love you,
mom & dad
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The Gist Family! said...

He is so cute! You are right, nursing is THE BEST! It seems like I stopped at your moms house one night when you were nursing upside down (although I can't remember why) He had such a hard time for the first little bit, WAY TO STICK IT OUT!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, he is so beyond adorable!! I just want to goosh him!

Hey, did you by chance see the nasty comment an anonymous someone left on my last post?? Kinda creepy, but after I got over the creepiness, it made me laugh.

And, THANK YOU for the comment you left. It made me feel so happy! You are a doll!

Lauren said...

He is an adorable little pork loin--- really and truly. He is lucky to have a mommy so committed to making him healthy and strong with her very nutrient dense breast milk. :)
Go Em! Most people don't make it that long (when I have a kid, I hope to do the same--breast feed for one year-- you will be the one I turn to for advice!)

Jocelyn and Daniel said...

He looks so cute!! Ethan weaned really well cuz we started him on an eating schedule. Your Ped will tell you about it, but basically you nurse and feed him baby food at the same time about a half hour apart three times a day and once he gets that down you cut the nursing down to two times, then one usually at night, then you eventually cut that off. Ethan was eating table food so well that he didn't even notice it when I finally just said, "your done." It was easier than I thought. Nursing is awesome!

Sue said...

Wow, I thought I had left a message here with my sage advice about weaning, but apparently not...I must have accidentally erased it somehow.

Anyway, I had said that I usually got rid of one feeding at a time, starting with the mid-day ones and keeping the bedtime one for last.

Good luck with it. He is a darling baby!