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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

darth vader

pork loin
(renamed "tender loin" by snarky due to his recent "skinny-ing")
gets this beauty breather every 4-6 hours
at 4am i sat rocking my son in our lazy boy.
this was our second trip to the recliner of the night.
he was snuggled up into my neck.
i didn't sleep a peep last night.
the only time i felt remotely tired was when he was snuggled up with me.
i could hear his breathing.
little darth vader, that's what i kept thinking.
a week ago i did not know what rsv was.
i'd heard about it.
i remember the doctor saying,
"keep him isolated for the first 12 weeks, we don't want him getting rsv."
so this year, i wasn't even thinking about it.
the pork loin turns 1, the big 1!, 1 week from today.
sure, it was on the news,
"rsv is bigger than ever this year."
that's what the "healthy living report" has been saying.
but for some reason i just wasn't worried.
i mean come on, i'm working on not being that overly paranoid first time mom;-)
i surely thought it was never something my child would get.
i knew it was "not good."
there's that pesky term again.
well, my child has it.
"it" defined
(courtesy of WebMD)
Respiratory syncytial virus infection: usually called RSV, is a lot like a bad cold. It causes the same symptoms. And like a cold, it is very common and very contagious. Most children have had it at least once by age 2.
A virus causes RSV infection. Like a cold virus, RSV attacks your nose, eyes, throat, and lungs. It spreads like a cold too, when you cough, sneeze, or share food or drinks.
the tender loin skipped his cereal this morning.
a feat which we all know is out of the norm.
the doc says these are the times he loves those "25 pounders."
hey, a new name!
he's a quarter pounder;-)
geeze, i love this kid!
i hope i don't give him a complex.
so we're headed to the doc again today.
the wheezing is up and the breathing treatment didn't seem to help.
jess tells me i need to give it at least one more try to see if it really helps, so the jury's still out.
the amazing jess was at my front door at 7:30am to help with brennan's breathing treatment.
she's a nurse.
i'm convinced, she knows everything there is to know.
very handy.
very kind.
bless you, jess.
thanks for all of the love.
you make us smile:-)
for future reference,
ignorance is bliss.
avoid webMD and alike sites when researching your child's illnesses.
you'll feel much better just knowing what the doctor has told you.
the end.


Sue said...

Many hugs to you, Emily. It's always so hard dealing with the first "big" illness, but your little guy looks to be a pretty healthy specimen, and he will weather this fine...

He may end up having to do a course of prednisone, though. But the docs have lots of tools up their sleeves these days in helping kids get through this stuff.

My heart really goes out to you because all of my children were severely asthmatic, and I know how awful it is to listen to that wheezing.

I will say that when the wheezing gets louder and more rattly, it is often a sign of improvement. What I mean to say is that the really bad wheezing is tight and dry and harder to hear. The louder rattle can be a relatively good thing. One way to tell how your baby is breathing is to watch his bare chest/stomach area. When a child is struggling very hard to breathe, the diaphragm area sinks way in with every breath.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you both and will keep you in my prayers. Hang in...I bet he'll be doing much better before long. Then maybe both of you can get some much-needed sleep!



PS. I am so glad you have your friend (the nurse) to help you out. That must be very comforting.

Proudfeet said...

No!!!! Poor little darth vadar, poor mom! I hope he will get over this nastiness fast!

Gilbert Family said...

remember to use that priesthood thingy your wonderful husband has. :)

Natalie said...

Thank heaven for nurses. They are truly Earth Angels.

Your family is in our prayers. Here's to a speedy recovery, and much needed rest! Hugs and love!

Erin Ellsworth said...

No fun. I am sorry you are having sleepless nights, and Brennan is not feeling good. I sure hope he gets better soon. I don't know a lot about rsv, but I know I don't want my kids to get it.

Keep us posted to let us know how he is doing.

You have our love, and we will remember you in our prayers.

The Wilson Family said...

oh yeah our kids have the same car seat...HURRAY!

Buckeye Nut said...

Ok, I just had to laugh when I saw "quarter pounder". That is a keeper. Seth has been playing with the last few days, carrying it around, etc. He likes to see the numbers go on and off. He is up to 30.5 lbs.

We really hope Brennan is feeling better quickly. You are such a good mommy to him. Don't let anyone or anything make you feel differently! Chin up and make sure you get some rest too. We are just around the corner if you need ANYTHING!