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Thursday, February 26, 2009

meet "neb"

blogging goddesses,
meet "neb."
neb is our friend.
we like neb.
neb is our nebulizer.
it sends steamy medicine into our lungs.
this way the tender/pork loin can breathe more easily.
it opens up his airways more.
and yes, this has returned too.
lots of "this."
and he still hates "this."
yeah, but what did the doc say?
they were very pleased with his improvements over the night.
just use "neb" and "this" for now.
it's a beautiful day outside, did you notice?


Boulant Family said...

Oh Emily! RSV, scary stuff! My Aubrey had it at 5 weeks old - so glad your little man is doing better!;)

Sue said...

We had our own nebulizer, too. It was a lifesaver, quite literally!

Love those things!!


PS. Glad he's on the mend...

Natalie said...

So glad things are improving for little tenderloin!! Hopefully you can all get some rest soon!

Winder Love said...

So sorry about your little guy! Hope he gets better soon. You are a great mom, so don't beat yourself up to much! You guys hang in there

ryan and stacy beck said...

Em you're a good lilttle mommy! I hope he gets better soon. Scary stuff that RSV.