"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the story of a quarter pounder & an ambulance

my morning continued as follows...
put brennan down for a nap
nursed brennan when he woke up
went to pediatrician for a "pulse ox" test (tells saturation of oxygen in blood, 90 and above=good)
90%, "good."
nebulizer treatment (steam in the face to open airways)
oxygen levels dropped, first to 88%
waited 10 min for oxygen levels to go up
dropped to 83%

doc: we're very concerned, these numbers are really not good
me: sigh, ok
doc: i've called an ambulance and let the hospital know you are on your way
me: which hospital (eyes very wide, mouth may be opened), like st. mark's?
doc: primary children's
me: what? but that's for really serious things
doc: yes, they'll be admitting him for 2-3 days
me: ok (shock setting in now)
doc: we're putting him on oxygen right now until the ambulance arrives
me: can i just drive him there
doc: his numbers are too low, this is an emergency
me: (trying not to cry) ok, let me call my husband
nurse wheels in oxygen tank and baby O-2 mask
me: did i do something wrong? could i have prevented this?
doc: no, no, no, you did everything right (his eyes were very comforting), it's just bad luck
me: (eyes watering, but i actually kept it together, go me!)
doc: this is a routine treatment from here on out. we know how to deal with rsv and everything will be fine:-)
me: (thinking to myself, "ambulance and primary children's don't seem fine, but okay")
EMTs arrived, loaded brennan up, car seat and all.
did you know that's how they transported babies?
me neither.

pork loin's 1st ambulance ride

the EMT said brennan's color was good so he made him a gloved balloon and took his stats.
did you know ambulances were bouncy?
me neither.
well, i've been in one, but that story's for another day.
they checked us into the ER at primary children's.

the crazy thing was that sean was already there to do some shadowing hours, so he met the abulance when we arrived. what a life saver!
hooked brennan up, monitored him for 2 hours.
he was such a trooper!
he stayed above 90 almost the entire time:-)
see the blue 95
they let us go (thank you).
we are scheduled for a follow up appointment for tomorrow morning.
do you know how amazing the staff is at primary children's?!
i've heard they are incredible, but it's beyond that.
they are REALLY outstanding.
something you can't explain until you've seen it first hand.
thank you
thank you
thank you.


Sue said...

Oh, Emily...You are really getting the baptism by fire of motherhood here, aren't you? You must have been worried sick.


Wish I were there to give these hugs in person!

Hang in there. I hope he has a good night...


Lauren said...

Oh Em! I'm glad he is ok!! We will keep you guys in our prayers--- how scary...

The Wilson Family said...

oh my heck! i wnat to give you a huge hug. I miss you and i cried through your whole blog. Our kids being so much of the same age. whoah! I wish we were closer so we could actually help. You are in our thoughts and prayers. your mom lives close right? i hope you have family close. lots of hugs and kisses. love the wilsons!

The Gist Family! said...

All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!! I hope you are asleep by now and Brennan is doing better. If it wasnt so late I would call you. Sean mentioned that he was sick last night at YM/YW, but I didn't know he was THAT sick (dads just don't show the same emotion, I guess) Please please please let me know if we can do anything. I'm serious, anything.


keri said...

Poor little B! I hope he gets better soon and I hope you can get some sleep. Thanks for letting me bring dinner tomorrow. I wish I could do more!! Please call me if you need ANYTHING!!!

Natalie said...

Oh my Emily!!!! I am so very sorry.
You must be exhausted!! You are all in my prayers. Sending tons and tons of love and hugs!!!


Tiff said...

I am so sorry you guys are having to deal with this illness. It's so scary and your right you never think it will happen to your child. I also have had first hand experience with the staff at Primary Childrens... last July when Devon was dignosed with type one diebetes. Scariest time of my life but the staff really knows how to handle everything, including the worried parents! I am so glad you got to take your babe home. Hope he's feeling better by his b-day party!

Verike & Ryan said...

Em! How scary :( I'm glad he's OK now though. What a tough little guy. Hope he's feeling better and that you're not too stressed out. xx

Proudfeet said...

You dear thing! I am so sorry to hear about this craziness! Poor little son! He looked like he was enjoying the ride though! I hope you get through your appointment today without too many scares! Will you e-mail me your address?

Gilbert Family said...

how scary! you are so strong. how lucky you are to already have sean there. what a blessing! hope the tender loin feels better (and by his b-day) has it already been a year? wow. time flys